All Aboard!

Time Activity
Morning preparations Hop on the dining car
Make a scrumptious Train Day breakfast. We recommend the Santa Fe French Toast from our special menu. Our director Susan Randolph gave the recipe a try…


12:30 pm Sound the steam whistle to officially kick off Train Day!

12:35 pm Watch the Firing Up Demonstration to see how our team gets a locomotive chuggin’!

12:55 pm We interrupt this program for a short commercial break…



1:00 pm Time for popcorn!

Try our Steam-Popped Popcorn recipe and let us know how you like it.

1:15 pm Take a virtual train ride

Hop on board! Remember to keep your arms in, folks. Click here for an array of destinations.

1:30 pm For Kids: Train sounds program

Woo Wooo! Listen to two books about sounds you’d hear on a train and join along to make an activity from our Young Engineers Activity Packet (Ages 2-7). This program is best for children ages 2-7.

1:45 pm Music break

Let musician and volunteer Scott Bernberg entertain you with early 1900s tunes on his accordion! Click here to listen!

1:55 pm We interrupt this program for a short commercial break…



2:00 pm Ask the Volunteers! 

Come meet members of our dedicated Auburn Valley Railroad volunteer crew, learn about the projects they’re working on and why they’re just big train-loving kids at heart. Participants will have an opportunity to ask them questions!

Join the Zoom program at the link:

You will need to have Zoom downloaded in advance on your device (computer, tablet, phone), which you can do here:

You can also dial in and listen! Find your local number here:

Meeting ID is 864 0117 8019
Password: 539458

2:30 pm For Kids: Locomotive lingo program

Let’s get the captain and drink some whitewash before a wreck on the main line! Didn’t understand that? Don’t worry! We’ll go over all sorts of locomotive lingo and learn about communicating with a telegraph. This program includes activities for all ages but is best suited for children ages 8-12. You may wish to download our Young Engineers Activity Packet (Ages 8-12) in advance.

2:45 pm Time Warp!

2:55 pm We interrupt this program for a short commercial break…



3:00 pm Model trains

For those who love the little locomotives, we see you! Check out our playlist with tours of the layouts created by two of our amazing volunteers.


And get a sneak preview of our electric train room, undergoing renovations as part of our museum redesign!

3:30 pm For Kids: Jobs on the train program

What does a conductor do? And who gets to blow the steam whistle? Listen to a story about finding the right hat for a railroad worker, then discover the many different jobs on the train by exploring historical artifacts! Younger children may want to make an engineer hat in advance, found in our Young Engineers Activity Packet (Ages 2-7).

3:45 pm Behind the Steam

Go on a special virtual tour of our train engine room, rarely seen by the general public!

3:55 pm We interrupt this program for a short commercial break…



4:00 pm Tour our online exhibits

Discover the origins of the Auburn Valley Railroad and learn about what people ate on early railroad dining cars.

4:25 pm Our final commercial break…


Click here to ORDER your “Steam On” shirt!

4:30 pm Sound the steam whistle to officially end Train Day

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